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A Supplement to the 1996 Flora of Hampshire: presentation to HBIC Recorders' Forum March 2018

You can download the handout notes for this brief presentation here. Thanks to Ian Ralphs for stepping in to deliver this talk in my absence.

New BSBI Code of Conduct published

BSBI Code of Conduct 2017 cover

The BSBI has published a revised Code of Conduct for picking and collecting plant material. It covers all legal and ethical aspects of taking plant material from the wild, and deserves to be read by all Flora Group members and other plant lovers.

Report on Juniper regeneration at Porton Down

Wiltshire Botanical Society have published a valuable report on the regeneration of Juniper at Porton Down, Wiltshire / Hampshire (VCs 8 and 12). It can be found here under "Other publications".


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