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More additions to the Hampshire Rare Plant Register

More species accounts are being added and updated to the online Supplement to the Hampshire Rare Plant Register.

Click here for a catalogue.

Hampshire Rare Plant Register online

The full text of the published Hampshire Rare Plant Register is now available online. Go to The Register and Supplements page to download it.

Grazing on heathland

Clive Chatters has produced a very cogent and well-documented paper on the history and uses of lowland heathland and rough grazing, making the case for the importance of traditional management (especially grazing) if we want to preserve its special character and biodiversity. You can read it here on the HIOWWT web site.

National Plant Monitoring Scheme

NPMS banner

The new National Plant Monitoring Scheme, promoted jointly by Plantlife International, the BSBI, CEH, BRC and JNCC, was launched on the 1st March. This scheme aims for the most detailed tracking of the fortunes of our plant life so far attempted, and focuses strongly on looking at the nation at large rather than just the best (and best-protected) sites. If you have felt unable to take part in projects like the current 'Atlas 2020' recording because you are diffident about your recording skills or nervous about the time commitment it entails, then this might be for you. It entails monitoring a number of locations within a 1km square in your neighbourhood, and there are three different skill levels at which you can participate. 2000 volunteers are being sought nationwide.

You can find the full details at the NPMS web site. If you are participating in South Hampshire (south of a line along the main roads through Stockbridge / Winchester / Petersfield) and need help with ID, please feel free to get in touch with Martin Rand. If you are in North Hampshire (north of this line), Tony Mundell will help you with identification.

Hampshire Notables List updated

Issue 15 of the Hampshire Notables List of taxa has now been published and is available on the Hampshire Rare Plant Register Resources page. It includes updates to reflect the national threat status of species on the new Red List for England, and some changes and deletions based on our improved knowledge of local scarcity.

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