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Flora News Autumn 2014

This is now available to read or download on the Newsletters page.

Herbarium workshop 15th February - REARRANGED

Because of conditions on site at Chilcomb House, we had to cancel the Herbarium Workshop planned for February 15th. This has now been rearranged for Saturday October 18th 2014.

Online Supplement to Hampshire Rare Plant Register

The HRPR Supplement has now started to go online. The first two dozen new and updated species accounts are available here, and will be joined by more as time goes on.

The MapMate Book

This full-length book, written by Martin Rand for the BSBI with grant aid from Scottish Natural Heritage, is now available here online.

Hampshire Rare Plant Register

We now have copies available locally again for sale at £18.50 a copy. Contact Martin Rand or Tony Mundell for details. All revenue from sales now goes directly to support further work on Hampshire rare and scarce plants, as all costs have been covered.

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