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Ken's Keys

There are a lot of plant identification documents now appearing on the Web, but Ken Adams' Essex site has a particularly useful set of pictorial aids. Find it at the Essex Botany Group web site.

New Guides and Workshop Notes

On the Articles and Papers page you will now find the Workshop Notes for the Willow-herb Workshop held in July 2013, and an updated and enlarged Hampshire Sedge Key.

Recording News

There's a lot more recording activity this year on Atlas 2020 (the BSBI's update to the national distribution mapping). Visit the Atlas 2020 pages to find out more. Note that the tetrad recording sheets have now converted to Stace 3 names (and new taxa in Stace 3 added).

To support this project, and as an aid for all recording in the county, we have now incorporated Adrian Bicker's web-based, map-based LivingRecord application into this web site. If you sign up from our Web recording front page, you will become part of the county team and be able to track your own records and the recording efforts of other team members.

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