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Flora News Autumn 2011 Issue

This is now available on the Flora Group Newsletters page.

A reduced Hieracium key for Hampshire

This key, first published in the Autumn 2010 Flora News, has now been revised to take account of new information, particularly that in the recently published BSBI Atlas of British and Irish Hawkweeds. It is available to download as either A4 sheets or an A5 booklet from the Articles and Papers page.

Locate your records on Ordnance Survey maps and aerial photographs

Under the "Send your records!" menu item you will now find a link to the excellent Where's the path? web site. Locate your plants to great precision, make sure which vice-county you are in, and copy the grid references to your recording sheets or emails.

Updated diary of botanical events for 2011

Balde ran 04(58K)

Lesser Water Plantain is one of the species to be monitored in this year's Threatened Plants programme.
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The Diary page now has details of many walks, field meetings, workshops and other events in Hampshire for spring and summer 2011. "Recorder's days out" are not formal field meetings, but an invitation to join the vice-county recorders on recording and monitoring trips during the season. Many of these are for the BSBI's Threatened Plants Project, and so involve looking for exciting things in (mostly) nice places - with a risk of disappointment: that's why the plants are threatened!

Amaranthaceae notes online

The notes on Hampshire Flora Group Amaranthaceae (Pigweeds, Goosefoots, Oraches, Glassworts and their relatives) are now online. Go to the Articles and Papers page for a download.


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