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Hawkweeds of south-east England

Hawkweeds of SE England

The latest in the series of BSBI Handbooks is coming soon! Hawkweeds of south-east England, BSBI Handbook No. 20, is due to be published in April 2020 but a special offer is open from now until 31st May. You don't need to be a BSBI member to benefit from this special offer—it is available to everyone.

Hawkweeds (Hieracium spp.) are considered one of the trickiest groups of plants in Britain and Ireland, presenting a challenge to even the bravest botanist. BSBI Handbook No. 15 British Northern Hawkweeds by Rich & Scott brought identification of the northern members of this beautiful but difficult genus within reach and now Mike Shaw, Sussex-based hawkweed enthusiast, a BSBI member since 1988 and former BSBI County Recorder for West Sussex,hopes to do the same for the hawkweeds in his area.

In Hawkweeds of south-east England, Mike focuses on 58 species of hawkweed recorded in south-east England. He gives historical information, details of sites where you can see each of the species, notes on habitats and flowering times, a key to the eight hawkweed sections found in south-east England and identification tips to help you ID your hawkweed to species.

Hawkweeds of south-east England is a 250 page, A4 full colour hardback book illustrated with more than 400 colour photographs, distribution maps and herbarium specimens. The Handbook will retail at £35.00 but is offered until 31st May at the special price of £25.50 (excl. P&P). The quickest and easiest way to purchase your copy is to use the secure PayPal facility on the BSBI website. Read more about this new BSBI Handbook in the flyer which includes an order form for anybody who needs to pay by cheque.

Corona Virus, the Hampshire Flora Group and the BSBI recorders

Please note that because of the current situation, all Hampshire Flora Group meetings for the next couple of months are now cancelled, and meetings from June onwards remain under review with a likelihood of cancellation. Your two BSBI vice-county recorders (Martin and Tony) are in the "high risk" category and are taking measures to isolate themselves, so the few recorders' outings so far publicised for 2020 have also been cancelled.


Flora News Spring 2020

Flora News 58 front page

This is now available to read or download on the Newsletters page.

BSBI New Year Plant Hunt

This is now quite a big annual event in the BSBI calendar. On any day from 1st to 4th January BSBI members and their friends go out to record plants flowering in the wild in a limited area for three hours. It's amazing what you can find nowadays at this time of year! Records are then submitted to BSBI headquarters and the data is analysed and presented. Inevitably, there's a certain degree of friendly competitiveness in all this.

In 2020 Martin Rand is going out on two days to record in his vice-county. See the Calendar listings for details of where to meet and what will happen. Contact Martin to join him. He will limit numbers to 5 or 6 so that the group doesn't get unmanageable. You come at your own risk, but events will be cancelled in the event of bad weather.

If you are going out on a Hampshire Plant Hunt of your own and would like it publicised, contact Martin.

Car sharing for Flora Group members

HFG car sharing

Rob Still has set up a Whatsapp group for sharing lifts to Flora Group events for members and guests. It will be operated as a closed group and if you would like to participate, you need to text Rob on his mobile (07702 737456) to be added to the group. This is a sensible contribution to keeping both financial and carbon costs down for meetings.

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