The Hampshire Rare Plant Register

This is the original published Register from early 2011. This is a large document.

Hampshire Rare Plant Register Issue 1

Supplement to the Hampshire Rare Plant Register

This collection of species accounts updates and extends the Hampshire Rare Plant Register (Rand & Mundell, Hampshire Rare Plant Register, Trollius Publications 2011). It will be built up in small increments over time and needs to be used in conjunction with the published Register, but each species account is complete in itself and replaces any existing printed account for that taxon. Click on the scientific names in the index to bring up a list of accounts with the given initial letter.


A  Aconitum napellus - x Agropogon lutosus
B  Baldellia ranunculoides - Bupleurum tenuissimum
C  Cakile maritima - Carex montana


E Recorder Names January 2016

The Hampshire Rare Plant Register Project is supported financially by Hampshire County Council Environment Department, and by the following organisations:
Basingstoke & Deane Borough Council; East Hampshire District Council; Eastleigh Borough Council; English Nature; Environment Agency; Gosport Borough Council; Hampshire Wildlife Trust; Hart District Council; Havant Borough Council; New Forest District Council; New Forest National Park Authority; Southampton City Council; South Downs National Park Authority; Southern Water; Test Valley Borough Council