Atlas 2020 Recording: Hectad Missing Lists

This page shows hectads where one or more taxa have been recorded since 1970 but not since 1999. The more intense the map colouring, the greater the number of taxa in this category.

You can get a list of locations for all the missing taxa in a hectad by clicking on that hectad in the map. This will produce a tab-separated text (.TSV) file that can be loaded into a spreadsheet or imported into common databases. By default it is listed by tetrad, taxon and locations, but you can filter or re-order it to help with more targeted searches. It can also be read as a plain text file with a text editor or word processor. The locations listed are those to 1km resolution or better.

If you open the file in a spreadsheet program and want to add any special formatting or other enhancements, don't forget to save it in a spreadsheet format, and not as the original plain text file.


Click on a 10km square
for species locations

Recently unrecorded taxa
for hectads