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Equisetum x bowmanii

Bowman's Horsetail (Equisetum x bowmanii) remains one of the world's rarer hybrid plants, being known up to this year from a scatter of locations between Lyndhurst and Cadnam and one site in Scotland. It is a hybrid between two species (Wood Horsetail Equisetum sylvaticum and Great Horsetail E. telmateia) which are much more widespread but whose ecological niches rarely overlap. It is named in honour of its finder. Paul Bowman, who discovered it in its first known world site close to Minstead in 1986. After this it was found in several spots along the A337 road, where it continues to thrive. In 2017 Neil Sanderson discovered another very fine stand growing with one of its parents (Great Horsetail) some way east of its known spots.