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Flora News Autumn 2017

This is now available to read or download on the Newsletters page.

CANCELLATION: Flora Group Dandelion Workshop 20th May

Sadly the Flora Group had to decide to cancel this event, owing to a total lack of flowering subject-matter in the chosen sites (and almost everywhere else) by now. If you've already booked, you should have had an email notification of this. If you were thinking of making a late booking, please don't!

Tim Rich has expressed his willingness to run a meeting in 2018, and hopefully we can arrange this for a date a bit earlier in the Dandelion season. Watch out for an announcement in the Spring 2018 Flora News.

Report on Juniper regeneration at Porton Down

Wiltshire Botanical Society have published a valuable report on the regeneration of Juniper at Porton Down, Wiltshire / Hampshire (VCs 8 and 12). It can be found here under "Other publications".

Don't miss this talk!

Wild Orchids talk

Among the many events on the Hants Plants diary this one stands out. It commemorates the life of an outstanding student and champion of our native plant life. It raises money to continue his work. And anyone who knows the speakers and has seen their superb photography know this will be a memorable event.

Wonderful Wild Orchids
An illustrated talk and presentation

Speakers: Rosie Webb, Nigel Johnson and Andrew Powling
Wallington Village Hall, Broadcut, Fareham PO16 8ST
Wednesday 17 May 2017, 7:30-9:30pm
Tickets £4

New web features for Atlas 2020 recorders

If you're recording for the BSBI's Atlas 2020 project, you'll find a new facility on the tetrad listings pages. (Click on the map on the 'Tetrad recording' page to bring up the listing for the clicked hectad. ) When there are tetrads displayed, you'll see new buttons at the top of the scrolling list labelled "Select tetrad, click here for full recording history.." and "..or click here for cumulative species tallies". Use the radio buttons in the normal way to choose a tetrad. The first button pops up panels showing all the dates since the beginning of 2000 when more than 25 taxa have been recorded. Below this is a graph showing the times of year when visits have been made. Hopefully this will guide you towards "gap" times when it might be most productive to go out and re-record. Note that once you have the pop-up on screen, you can update it with data from another tetrad by selecting the new tetrad and clicking the button again - no need to close the pop-up.

Since this feature now shows all the past history for which records have been collected onto the Hants Plants database, the tetrad listings themselves have been changed only to show visits which are relevant to current visit planning: that is, "Proposed", "Cancelled" and "Done" (the last means that the recorder has updated his visit after the event, but the data hasn't yet been transferred to the database. ) This helps to declutter the list, especially now that we have built up several years of logged visits. The recording events shown on the pop-up use actual records submitted, regardless of whether a visit was logged by anyone, and so is a much more complete summary.

The second button shows a graph of the increase in number of species recorded for the tetrad between 2010 and the present against a baseline of the number recorded up to 1999, and a total of all the species ever recorded there. Where there's already been a lot of recording activity, this gives an idea of how productive further visits are likely to be.

Look out for more features soon!

Recording history feature

Second-hand books for sale for conservation charities

I still have a number of books from the set kindly donated by Roger Veall. They include several BSBI Handbooks, John Poland's Vegetative Key and Anthony Smith's Moss Flora (second edition), at bargain prices. Proceeds will go to the Woodland Trust and to the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust. See the Items for sale page for a list.

Euphorbia guide

The notes on Euphorbia and the Spurge family used in the 2016 Flora Group workshop are now available here on the Articles and Papers page.

Updated Cotoneaster crib

John Norton and Phil Pullen have updated their short key to the commonest species of Cotoneaster here on the Articles and Papers page.

Updated guide to Amaranthaceae

An updated and extended second issue of this workshop guide is now available here on the Articles and Papers page.

Two recent European guides to charophytes

Some brief notes on two lavishly illustrated guides to charophytes published in the last couple of years are available here.

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