Supplement to the Hampshire Rare Plant Register

This collection of species accounts updates and extends the Hampshire Rare Plant Register (Rand & Mundell, Hampshire Rare Plant Register, Trollius Publications 2011). It will be built up in small increments over time and needs to be used in conjunction with the printed Register, but each species account is complete in itself and replaces any existing printed account for that taxon. Click on a scientific name in the index to bring up the account for that species.

'Updated' accounts have recent records and new information added, sometimes with the commentary expanded. 'Augmented' accounts have detailed site inventories added where they previously only had 1km distribution maps, and may have other updates too. Substantial additions and revisions to the previously published accounts are highlighted in blue-green in the documents.


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Aconitum napellus L.  Monk's-hood  Updated2013
Acorus calamus L.  Sweet-flag  New2013
Adiantum capillus-veneris L.  Maidenhair Fern  Updated2013
Adonis annua L.  Pheasant's-eye  Updated2013
Agrostemma githago L.  Corncockle  Updated2013
Ajuga chamaepitys (L.) Schreb.  Ground-pine  Updated2013
Alchemilla filicaulis subsp. vestita (Buser) M.E. Bradshaw  Hairy Lady's-mantle  Updated2013
Alisma lanceolatum With.  Narrow-leaved Water-plantain  New2013
Allium ampeloprasum L.  Wild Leek  Updated2013
Alopecurus aequalis Sobol.  Orange Foxtail  New2016
Alopecurus bulbosus Gouan  Bulbous Foxtail  Updated2013
Alopecurus x plettkei Mattf.  A. bulbosus x geniculatus  Updated2013
Althaea officinalis L.  Marsh-mallow  Augmented2014
Ammophila arenaria (L.) Link  Marram  New2013
Anthemis arvensis L.  Corn Chamomile  Updated2014
Anthemis cotula L.  Stinking Chamomile  Updated2014
Anthriscus caucalis M. Bieb.  Bur Chervil  New2014
Apera spica-venti (L.) P. Beauv.  Loose Silky-bent  Augmented2014
Apium graveolens L.  Wild Celery  New2014
Arabis hirsuta (L.) Scop.  Hairy Rock-cress  New2014
Artemisia maritima L.  Sea Wormwood  New2014
Atriplex laciniata L.  Frosted Orache  New2014
x Agropogon lutosus (Poir.) P. Fournier  Perennial Beard-grass (A. stolonifera x P. monspeliensis)  Updated2013
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