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Cerastium arvense

Field Mouse-ear Cerastium arvense is a plant mostly found on the chalklands in Hampshire, yet it is often on ant-hills or spots where some of the lime has leached out. Its attractive flowers are much larger than those of the common species of Cerastium seen in grassland and open ground. Never abundant but once widespread in much of the county, it has declined to a point where it has been seen in only eight spots in North Hampshire in the last 15 years, and only one in the south. Many roadside verges which once harboured it are now totally unsuitable, being dominated by coarse nitrogen-tolerant plants.

These plants are part of a long-established population in the Worthy Down area north of Winchester, and were spotted by local naturalist Andy Barker. His is the first record for the site since 1969, despite their forming a large flowery patch over about 400 square metres. If you would be interested in following up on other old records, contact one of the vice-county recorders for details.